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{Our Little Man}

Life is crazy. Busy. Overwhelming at times. But it’s sure sweet with this little man running around!

Lincoln at 18 months, has his very own language, runs everywhere, refuses to eat the same thing twice but somehow finds the energy to NEVER slow down! He’s got a toothy grin and jaws of a little shark:) Just check out my inner arm sometime! It’s easy to forget the small, simple things but I find myself not wanting to miss a thing with him. I told myself before we had kids that I would try to never mess things up and that things would always be “Potterybarn” and perfect. Turns out life is rarely what we picture in our minds, but it’s much richer and more memorable that way. Each day is a new chance to be a better mom, wife, friend, person. Each night before bedtime, Linc lets us hold him and snuggle him as much as we want. It’s the only time, save nap time, that he will hold still long enough to remind us that he’s still a sweet baby. He let’s me kiss him endlessly, giggles like crazy when tickled. That is the best part of my day! Especially days when I’ve lost patience or not been so great as a wife and Mom, those moments are my chance to sit as a family, to hold Linc extra long and remind my boys how much I love them!

To Lincoln, life just wouldn’t be complete without something to climb, throw, chase, dig, or discover. It’s amazing to see life and the world through his eyes. I’m lucky. Blessed. Happy. (As we speak, he’s figured out how to climb up his changing table and is sitting on top throwing things, one at a time, to the ground).


Avree - He is so dang cute Mikki! I bet you are the best mom!

Kara - Oh the life of a mother with an 18 month old boy. I feel you. Coop is doing everything little Lincoln is doing. Its exhausting for sure! I love this post! You took the words right out of my mouth. Its a good thing they are so cute. I love Lincolns outfit! What a stud!

Becky - Such a little cutie! I love your positive outlook on life. So refreshing and what I need to hear since it’s 4:00 and my children have somehow suck out my energy to bounce off the walls.

Mamie - He is so cute, and I miss him so much! I love how his mind works!

Heather - Oh wow, he really does resemble Beckham a little bit. He’s such a stud! I’m LOVING his outfit too. Aren’t little boys the best? I truly adore motherhood. I can tell you do too! We still need to go to the Children’s Museum. Let me know when is good for you. :)

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