I can’t help but feel a surge of happiness when I’m around this couple. They are so much fun and so crazy-in-love with each other…you can’t keep from grinning like a fool! They’ll say “I do” this weekend and it’s bound to be a joyous occasion! Can’t wait Kenzie & Riley!

Dress: The Bride Shop

 photo kenzie1_zpsda1d535f.jpg

 photo kenzie2_zps2fdf24bc.jpg

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 photo kenzie34_zps3f6e989f.jpg

 photo kenzie6_zpsc46acd0f.jpg

 photo kenzie35_zpsa983ccac.jpg
Ladies & Gentleman, I give you the George Costanza Pose:
 photo kenzie7_zpsbc4a2417.jpg

 photo kenzie8_zps4f1557d2.jpg

 photo kenzie31_zps10c32c51.jpg

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