Loved working with this pair and laughing until it hurt! I’m convinced they are brilliant, in so many ways!

 photo LT18_zps67a1ca7c.jpg
 photo lt2_zps42f376aa.jpg
 photo LT3_zpsaaa0448e.jpg
 photo LT4_zpsd25479e1.jpg
 photo LT19_zpse931d13d.jpg
 photo LT5_zps9dab8230.jpg
 photo LT6_zps67537865.jpg
 photo LT8_zps5bf2aa4f.jpg
 photo LT7_zps1eed4ede.jpg
 photo LT21_zpsf16fb332.jpg
 photo LT9_zps660d1623.jpg
 photo LT10_zps35dd5473.jpg
 photo LT17_zpsb05de607.jpg
 photo LT11_zps51f94210.jpg
 photo LT13_zps76e29183.jpg
 photo LT20_zpsdec36f43.jpg
 photo LT12_zpsf864e3eb.jpg
 photo LT14_zps097e3c73.jpg
 photo LT16_zps25d40835.jpg
 photo LT15_zpsd15a065d.jpg

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July 22, 2013
Beautiful work Mikki! Stunning!
eryn lambert
August 8, 2013
These two are fabulous. So adorable!!!