To say we were thrilled to work with Autumn and Nathan for their fall nuptials, would be the understatement OF THE YEAR! It was absolutely perfect. Autumn dedicated so much time and attention to each detail. To top it all off, this beautiful wedding was chosen as a feature for the Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom Magazine, Fall issue. Talk about AWESOME. If you haven’t had a chance to see the pages, you should definitely pick up a copy for yourself! Now, sit back and enjoy a few of our favorite captures of an unforgettable day!

October 10th, 2013:

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Vendor List:

Ceremony: Salt Lake LDS Temple

Venue: Trefoil Ranch

Wedding Planner, Designer, Tableware and Linens: Riehl Events

Invitations: Kortney Eggertz Design

Rings & Jewelry: J. Brooks Jewelry

Gown Alterations, Bow Headpiece and Veil: Myrna & Sharon Benfeldt

Hair & Makeup: Gabby Gabbitas

Flowers: Blossom Sweet

Caterer & Desserts: Culinary Crafts

Favors: Sweet Tooth Fairy

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