June 14th, 2014:

Lizzy and Tyler’s wedding was one of my favorites from this past year! It was filled with love, laughter and plenty of amazing dance moves! It reminded me so much of “Father of the Bride” with all the class, beauty and especially with the celebration being held at the brides family’s home. It truly was the perfect day and so, so very memorable. These two adore each other! And can I just mention the siblings of the bride? What sweet and gorgeous kids!!! And the band…THE BAND!! They knocked it out of the ballpark! SO. MUCH. FUN. Working alongside the famous Nate Pickett/Videographer is always a treat as well!

Sealing: Bountiful LDS Temple
Videographer: Nathan Pickett || CHECK OUT the Wedding HIGHLIGHT Video: HERE
Invitation/Graphic Designer: Bryce Bjorn
Florist: Allison Leishman
Rentals/Linens: Diamond Rentals
Band/DJ: Joe Muscolino Band
Cake Designer: Cakes de Fleur
Brides Dress: Alta Moda Bridal Boutique

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