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{Winter Fog}

Today it’s a bit mysterious outside. I know inside I’m dying for warmer, happier weather to be here, but it sure looks rad outside with the fog/smog. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Whitnee - Mikki, I don’t mean to rub this in but you should be here in St. George! The weather: Sunny, warm, pleasant day! Really wish you could be here!

Mandi - It looks so pretty very cool shots… It looks like it should still be christmas

Emily - I love how fog makes everything like it had crystalized, it was fun to come see you guys and your new place!

Ann Hepworth - Ooooooooo! How lovely. So peaceful, thanks for the little quiet moment.

Aria - Wow, these are absolutely breathtaking! These need to be framed on your wall. Definitely makes these dreary winter days look so lovely and enchanting.

Laura Stagg - Come to St George….a little warmer here! However, there is an ummistaken beauty to the Winter Fog! Wow, you are incredible!!!

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