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“He said, She said”

Mikki Platt Photography (formerly Captured by Mikki) hatched business in 2006.

How we got started

Braydon: Took some film classes in college and fell in love with it. I then met Mikki and quickly realized she was in love with making pictures too….the more we shot, the more it became a passion.
Mikki: Our first date took us to zion’s with our film camera’s, but it wasn’t until fall of 2006 til we thought a photography business would be the perfect adventure for ourselves. So we started shooting all the time and it all began.

How we met

Braydon: Playing ultimate frisbee- Mikki was wearing blue shorts and made me laugh like crazy!
Mikki: park games- Braydon ran really fast and we talked about running marathons. He was really cute and had a great smile! Pretty sure I was on one hilarious kick that day!

Favorite part of photography

Braydon: I really love the post processing part of photography, whether it is the darkroom or photoshop. Creating fun and beautiful images for awesome folks.
Mikki: I love the fun that I have with couples as I get to know them throughout all of their sessions and of course the wedding day too. I love pulling up the images on my computer after photographing something I know will look amazing!

Best married moment

Braydon: Going to Europe together for the first time.
Mikki: That one time we had a baby:)

Dream Car

Braydon: Porsche 911, Turbo
Mikki: Toyota Camry. Seriously though. I’m holding
on to my current Camry until it blows up- up to
190,000 miles right now! But if we’re dreaming,
let’s talk Lexus.

Favorite childhood memory

Braydon: Going swimming, fishin’,
and playing baseball.
Mikki: setting booby traps
in the backyard with my sisters. Being carefree.

First kiss

Braydon: awkward. Then the troop
of boyscouts came running by.
Mikki: definitely awkward. And then
it started raining!

If we were stranded on an island (Mikki’s dream),
what 2 things would we bring

Braydon: Whatever Bear Grylls tells me to bring.
Mikki: journal & pen (they count as 1 thing). And a
toothbrush & toothpaste (also counts as 1 thing).
(My dream, my rules). And Lincoln.

Current fav of Lincoln (our sweet baby)

Braydon: He wrestles me and loves to jabber. I love his little laugh and voice, he is so cute.
Mikki: He KNOWS I’m his mama and gets really excited when I get home from shooting.
I LOVE when he laughs so hard that he falls over.